Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say about working with Wacky World Studios, and what benefits have come from having a themed environment!

First United Methodist

"Twila, Beverly & I want to thank you for all your help in helping us pick out the Baby Animals for our Nursery Walls.The pictures are amazing and beautiful. We could not be happier in the produce you provide. Thanks Again!"

A thank you

Thank you both for taking the time out of your busy, creative lives to spend teaching and sharing with us last week. That really meant so much to us. Your warm welcome and willingness to share your expertise with us -little ol’ Alaskan folks- was humbling and such a blessing! We are so excited to take what we’ve learned and start working, although we have quite a bit of planning and such [including some permitting issues] before we really get to work! Thank you for the info on the foam company.

I hope you don’t mind if we do end up calling and bugging you with some questions here and there…better yet, maybe we could bribe you up here with some reindeer sausage and halibut when we really get to work :) Anyway, thank you so much again for EVERYTHING! It is so exciting to see how the LORD is using your talents to HIS glory! What a blessing for us to spend the day with y’all...way more that we had imagined! Blessings!

Dr. Jones Orthodontics

...I dare you to find a word besides AWESOME to describe this chair...

Highlands Fellowship, VA

...I'm so glad I decided not to cut the visit out of the budget...It was well worth it.

The Experience

When our church began constructing our first building (after 18 years of renting various facilities in a number of communities), we knew we wanted to make our Children's Ministry area something that was uniquely ours and demonstrated our passion for reaching kids and families for Christ. Bruce came to our construction site, and even though the interior walls weren't even up yet, he walked us through the space with a child-like imagination, helping us envision all that it could be! Although he brought a lot of expertise to the table, he didn't demand that we do things his way. Instead he picked our brains and drew out the desires of OUR hearts to make sure that any ideas he had were firmly in line with our vision and passion. Steven, the Art Director, was so kind, flexible, and helpful in helping us refine and execute the plans. His patience with our many questions and his thorough answers helped us remain confident that no matter what "twist and turns" occurred along the way with our building construction or budget, that Wacky World Studios would find ways of making it all come together. And that they did! The end result was a wonderfully creative and fun expression of God's love for kids! When children entered the area for the first time since its completion, jaws literally dropped! The kids first ran through the space to try and take it all in as fast as possible, and then started over, this time meandering slowly to absorb all the colorful detail and thoughtful nuances. We have been told by parents that their son's separation anxiety vanished since we installed the decor! After his first Sunday in the "under the sea" themed Turtle room, he said he talked about his experience on the way home as though he had just spent the morning at a theme park. Although the design of the rooms are not the end-all goal of our Children's Ministry, it is a very effective "foot-in-the-door" to the hearts of kids and parents who immediately perceive that they are in a place that cares deeply about children. We could not be happier with not only the finished product, but the entire process from start to finish.

Dr. Stettler's Pediatric Dentistry

...Was looking for something unique and special...Something I could give the children to make them feel welcome and at home...We hit a homerun, loved working with Wacky World...

Capital Christian Center, CA

I just wanted to let you know that I miss you all!!! I don’t want the party to be over! haha. Anyways, I can’t tell you enough on what an impact your ministry has done here at Capital. EVERY day we get another “Wow” or “This is a church nursery?”, that just screams that we care about kids and they are #1 priority here. So thank you for sticking by us through all the craziness! Looking forward to partnering with you again soon!

...They not only caught our vision, they executed in the most professional way. To their staff to the final product has been unbelievable...

Casas Church, AZ

The way family has responded, they feel like...someone has thought of them first... I don't think this would have happened without you!...

Faith Family Church, SD

I have worked with Wacky World over the years on many different projects. They just finished theming out the children's area at one of our new campuses. Once again...as usual...they were great to work with, prompt in their response time to any questions or adjustments we had, went the second mile for us and created an amazing space that has kids dragging their parents to church.

Faith Family, SD

...These guys will exceed your expectations from the beginning to the end. They've over-performed and out done everything that they said they would do...